Integrity in action
Confirm the core values
of your organisation

Diversity in dialogue

Learn from the differences
between you and your colleagues

Integrity in action
Confirm the core values
of your organisation

Diversity in dialogue

Learn from the differences
between you and your colleagues



Gaming Integrity


Dilemmax makes you aware of the many ways in which integrity affects your work. It allows for dilemma’s to be discussed and it raises awareness for the points of views of colleague More


Reflect confronts you with your interpretations about what you think is the correct way. The game teaches you to look at the effects of your point of view and to discuss behaviour. More


Mores was developed to create a wider view on integrity in the workplace within a safe and playful environment and to stimulate an integrity culture at work. More

Moral Competences

Test your moral compass

Always wondered about what your moral orientation is? Take this test and find out! Start the test


Have you tested your moral compass? You will probably wonder what the results mean for you. Register for one of our almost-free workshops to find out. More

Online integrity trainer

The app Kai offers you the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of acting professional and trustworthy. Offering information, feedback on your choices and small assignments to test your knowledge. More

Gaming Diversity


Talenter teaches you to identify and voice discrimination and exclusion as a policy issue. This game allows for recognition of problems and how to deal with the bottlenecks. More

All Inclusive

All Inclusive makes employees aware of the many different ways in which discrimination can take place. They discover how they react to situations that deal with exclusion. More


By using real-life situations, Inclusion shows what it means to be discriminated and excluded; at school, on the street, or at the work place. More

Our services


Playfully introducing integrity and diversity issues? See how you can effectively and with fun work towards a virtuous, inclusive culture


Solving integrity or diversity issues rationally and with empathy? Chose a training from our varied offerings that suits your situation best.


Need an update on the integrity, or diversity policy. Independent support for an incident? Use our knowledge and experience to make a considerate choice.

About Morals at Work

Morals at Work helps organisations to stimulate and strengthen a virtuous and inclusive work climate. A lack of integrity and a work culture of exclusion can have serious and time consuming consequences, regardless whether it concerns fraud, discrimination, unwanted manners, or an unfair school advice.

In order to prevent breaches of integrity and discrimination, Morals at Work developed several new game and training methods. Co-creating and learning by experiencing form the most important starting points in our work methods.

Together with the client we make sure that employees who participate in our gaming sessions and trainings:

  • Promote the core values of your organisation
  • Deal professionally with dilemmas
  • Obtain more understanding for the views and backgrounds of others
  • Anticipate conflicts and be able to solve these together


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A good way of getting people to think about their own role and that of their colleagues.
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