Our integrity games stimulate integrity and inclusion through dialogue and reflection.

Morals at Work provides integrity games fit for your organisation, where employees can discuss in a simple, safe and playful manner about difficult matters in their work.

Gaming Integrity

Justum | experiences in discussion

Justum is an online game that uses dilemmas to allow for dialogue about the integrity culture at work. It can be played in groups of 3 to 8 people keeping adequate distance. More

Dilemmax | integrity in action

The card game Dilemmax makes you more aware of the many ways in which integrity plays a role in your work. Dilemmas of all kinds are open for discussion as the game cultivates a sense of understanding. More

Reflect | diversity in dialogue

The board game Reflect confronts you with your personal opinions about what is right. The game teaches you to look at the effect of your way of thinking and to confront coworkers about their behavior. More

Mores | understanding in motion

The digital integrity game Mores uses dilemmas as a means to launch a conductive conversation about (un)desirable behavior in a playful way, its goal being to gain awareness and perspective for change. More

About Morals at Work

Morals at work provides integrity games made to measure, in order to let employees enter a dialogue about complicated issues at work in a simple, safe and playful manner.
We support organisations in develop and consolidate an integer, inclusive an socially safe way of working. For that purpose we have developed various ‘serious games’ and workshops, that contribute to helping employees:

  • work in accordance with your core values
  • approach dilemma’s professionally
  • better understand different views
  • easier deal with conflicts

Training and Advice

Training internal game masters

Our games can be supervised by your own employees. Instructions to this end are available on all the various game pages. It is also possible to hire us

I-learning Professional integrity

The app Kai offers you the opportunity to increase your knowledge about handling matters with professional integrity. You’ll get background information, quiz questions, and small tasks to test your knowledge.

Moral Competency Development Workshop

If you want to further develop your moral skills, this workshop will definitely be worthwhile. In this workshop you’ll become aware of your personal moral orientation,