How do we prevent undesirable behavior in the performing arts?

The Dutch Association for the Performing Arts is the trade association of professional performing arts producers in the Netherlands. Together with Platform ACCT and, the NAPK will organize the conference ‘Safe on the Floor’ on 16 May from 1 pm in Amare The Hague, about preventive policy to avoid undesirable behaviour. In addition to keynote speakers, there are sessions in which various partners share practical knowledge and information. Morals at Work is one of them. During the session about the tools that can be used to prevent undesirable behavior, Morals at Work will give a demonstration of the games and workshops that we have developed for this purpose. The conference is intended for employers and employees active in the performing arts and will be opened by the State Secretary for Culture.

Mores and Dilemmax for Public Space Enforcement Officers

The municipality of Amsterdam asked us to make a dilemma game about undesirable behavior for employees of the Public Space Enforcement Service. After consultation about this with the Integrity Office of the municipality, we provided both a customized version of the integrity game Dilemmax and of the digital game Mores. The instruction sessions for both games are now behind us and employees of Bureau Integrity supervised the first game sessions for the 200 employees who are invited to play one of the two games this year.

New Uitgeest city council plays Dilemmax

During the two-day event of the city council of Uitgeest, which took place last weekend, integrity part was also on the agenda. We asked the organizers about their experiences. “Several councilors had the idea: Here we go again, another presentation like this. We gave a short introduction and then quickly started playing the game Dilemmax. It was a success for everyone. It is very nice to be able to talk to each other about integrity in this way in small groups and to be able to share your own experiences there. A must for every city council!”

Hoogheemraadschap Delfland plays Justum

The joint meeting (VV) of the Delfland Water Board enjoyed playing the integrity game Justum last week. More than 40 VV members, deputy committee members and board members entered into online discussions in small groups. Prior to this, the dilemmas in the game were further focused on the specific context of the water board in consultation. Justum’s way of playing led to good conversations and was appreciated by the VV members. During the discussion of the game sessions, the participants suggested that a card game variant with the same dilemmas be played again in the respective parties that form the VV. So who knows, this evening will have a sequel.

Mores, experience in conversation

Reports about unwanted behavior in the lives of pupils and students this spring prompted us to develop an accessible and simple game especially for them. As with our other games, Mores uses dilemmas to encourage a meaningful conversation with each other in a playful way; for awareness and a perspective on change. You can use this online game in combination with video calling, or at an appropriate distance from each other.
Mores is suitable for 4-7 participants and takes about 90 minutes.

New customers for Justum

Our new integrity game Justum has now been used by various organizations to stimulate the dialogue about integrity at work. We made a version for the Provincial Council of Overijssel, one for Company Care Consultancy and two for housing corporations. This month, several municipalities will also play Justum. Check the website to see which versions are available.