Mores, experience in conversation

Reports about unwanted behavior in the lives of pupils and students this spring prompted us to develop an accessible and simple game especially for them. As with our other games, Mores uses dilemmas to encourage a meaningful conversation with each other in a playful way; for awareness and a perspective on change. You can use this online game in combination with video calling, or at an appropriate distance from each other.
Mores is suitable for 4-7 participants and takes about 90 minutes.

New customers for Justum

Our new integrity game Justum has now been used by various organizations to stimulate the dialogue about integrity at work. We made a version for the Provincial Council of Overijssel, one for Company Care Consultancy and two for housing corporations. This month, several municipalities will also play Justum. Check the website to see which versions are available.

New game features Justum

We have asked several of our customers to give the new integrity game Justum a try. In addition to compliments, we also received suggestions for improvements. That is why there is now also a timer in the game, so that you can indicate how much time is still available to discuss a particular dilemma. The game supervisor can also set the maximum rating in the latest version of Justum. At 5 stars if the players like to rate in the form of a review, or at 10 stars if they prefer to use ratings. We have also expanded the FAQ with answers to questions that we had not yet come up with, but that will certainly facilitate the use of Justum.

Justum, dilemma’s in dialogue

Justum, the new online integrity game that Morals at Work has spent the last six months on, is ready. The game can be played in groups of 3 to 8 people keeping adequate distance from each other or using video calls. Take a look here to see how it works.

Would you like to experience for yourself just how Justum supports dialogue about dilemmas? Sign up for a game session about integrity in a governmental or public organization. Let us know you’re interested in this and we’ll schedule an appointment. Of course, you can also sign up to try Justum together with multiple coworkers. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

Dilemmax online

Recently, the University of Utrecht asked Morals at Work to make the All Inclusive card games about diversity and inclusion in science that we made for them available online to the employees of the University. We have now devised and implemented a simple solution. Unfortunately without the dynamics of a physical game, but only with the dilemmas we put together for this special game.

In the online version of Dilemmax, that dynamic is preserved. In fact, the online version of Dilemmax has some game rules that make it even more interesting than the card game version. Because the participants can all follow real-time developments on the game board on their mobile or on a tablet, it can be played online with video calling, as well as at an appropriate distance from each other. Want to know more? Call us or send an e-mail.

Dilemmax for the municipality of Delft

Last spring we made an integrity game for the College of Mayor and Alderpersons of the municipality of Delft. The gamesession was rated so positively that it was decided to ask Morals at Work to make three special versions of Dilemmax for the ca. 300 municipal policy officials and specialists. In the meantime these games were made and delivered. One version for employees working for the Department of Economic Affairs, one about Social Affairs and a version that focuses on the dilemmas that one may have to deal with when working for the Department of Community Services.