Experiences of NIMD

published on 15 January 2020

Ervaringen van het NIMD

The Dutch Institute for Multi-Party Democracy had the Dilemmax version on development cooperation translated into Spanish and French. Angela Tjoa works as an Office Manager and confidant at NIMD and explains why. “Dilemmax offers an accessible way to make employees aware of integrity issues,” said Angela. “Because integrity issues can be multi-interpretable and because NIMD works with local partners, it is important that the game is released in multiple languages. That is why, in addition to the English version that was made by Morals at Work, we have had a version translated into Spanish and French. ”

The game has already been during a meeting in Jordan and at a meeting in the Netherlands with managers from the various NIMD country offices from Africa, Latin America and Asia, where Dilemmax was played in three different languages. “This was a success. In these sessions we looked together for answers to dilemmas and entered into a dialogue. In the end it turned out that the views of different people were fairly similar.” Angela also said that the game ensures that dilemmas or bottlenecks can be addressed more easily at a later time and that it breaks through “the uncomfortable silence” that often goes along with these.
(The content of this post was taken from a Partos News item on LinkedIn.)