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Mores, experience in conversation

published on 3 June 2021

Reports about unwanted behavior in the lives of pupils and students this spring prompted us to develop an accessible and simple game especially for them. As with our other games, Mores uses dilemmas to encourage …read more

New customers for Justum

published on 8 April 2021

Our new integrity game Justum has now been used by various organizations to stimulate the dialogue about integrity at work. We made a version for the Provincial Council of Overijssel, one for Company Care Consultancy …read more

New game features Justum

published on 26 February 2021

We have asked several of our customers to give the new integrity game Justum a try. In addition to compliments, we also received suggestions for improvements. That is why there is now also a timer …read more

Justum, dilemma’s in dialogue

published on 15 October 2020

Justum, the new online integrity game that Morals at Work has spent the last six months on, is ready. The game can be played in groups of 3 to 8 people keeping adequate distance from …read more

Dilemmax online

published on 8 May 2020

Recently, the University of Utrecht asked Morals at Work to make the All Inclusive card games about diversity and inclusion in science that we made for them available online to the employees of the University. …read more