Integritity game Dilemmax available for Partos members

At the beginning of October all members of Partos received the ‘Standard’ version of the integrity game Dilemmax for for organisations working in international development. This special edition of Dilemmax is the result of the collaboration that Partos and Morals at Work have entered into in order to stimulate the dialogue on ethical conduct among the members of Partos. An explanation of this can be read in the letter that was sent with the game.

In addition to a ‘Standard‘ version, which is also available in Dutch, Morals at Work also developed an edition for ‘Supervisors and Management‘ and an edition for ‘Expats and Consultants‘. These editions are particularly suitable for somewhat larger organizations, with employees on location. The dilemmas that are addressed in these editions are also closely related to the practice with which managers and advisers are confronted. At the bottom of this page you find an order option for these versions of Dilemmax.

Dilemmax for Partos

Game rules and instruction

Dilemmax is a simple card game with a limited number of rules. The game rules and the instructons for the game supervisors can be viewed by clicking on the images below:

Game rules

Instructions for game supervisors

Contact and ordering

All members of Partos receive one copy of the ‘Standard’ version of the integrity game Dilemmax. In their cooperation Partos and Morals at Work agreed that one copy of the game is sufficient for the small members of Partos and that there is no charge for them to use Dilemmax. The other members, can use the contact form to indicate if they want to use the avalable games in their organisations and for how many employees they intend to play the game with. It is also possible to indicate if an external game supervisor fo facilitate the game sessions is wanted.
You can download the Contactform here.