About us

Morals at Work has been providing customized integrity games since 2011, so that employees can discuss their views on difficult issues they encounter in their work in a simple, safe, and playful way.

We support organizations in developing and securing a way of working that emphasizes integrity, inclusivity, and being socially safe. To this end, we have developed various ‘serious games’ and workshops, all of which help employees to:

  • act according to your company’s core values
  • handle dilemmas in a professional manner
  • better understand different points of view
  • more easily solve conflicts

Reflecting together is the single most important principle of our approach.

Morals at Work was founded by Koos Roseboom, a management consultant with a background in philosophy, business administration, and art. Learning tools that exist in large organizations rarely ever reach all employees; that is why he developed various types of games and courses that are adaptable in scale for Morals at Work, which -after a short instruction- can be facilitated by a company’s own employees. That way, all employees have the tools to start the conversation about integrity at work.

Our method

We use an extensive database comprised of dilemmas that concern a myriad of subjects, including undesirable behavior, fraud, discrimination, integrity, compliance, subversion, bullying, conflicts of interest, abuse of power, and the use of social media. Our games are meant for employees, managers, and executives alike. The games can easily be customized so as to include the dilemmas you’d like to discuss with your coworkers. Playing a ready-to-play game is also an option. View the game pages to see which games are already available in this format. Is your preferred game not listed there? Just contact us, and we’ll create it!

Because of the games’ simplicity and the availability of animated instructions, your own employees will be able to comfortably act as game masters. This makes it possible to reach a large number of people at a relatively low cost. In addition, those same game masters also function as ambassadors of your business’ personal approach to the games. If you’d prefer for us to handle the game master part, rest assured that this is an option as well.


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