Because of the recent tightening of the legislation, many organisations have their integrity policy in order. The code of conduct, a whistle-blower arrangement, a hotline for breaches of integrity, an integrity functionary and (at least) one confidant; this is arranged almost everywhere. However, the frequent breaches of integrity in the media show that you cannot rest assured.

From policy to good governance

During the custom arranged meetings, you learn how your principles and values are formed and how you use this to add content and experiences to your policy. Using proven integrity management models you will be asked to put your acting and that of your employees in line with the core values of the organisation.

Program supervision: developing and implementation

To reflect can be learned is our motto. But this does take time and attention. Through our extensive experience with organisational changes, we can offer effective support by implementing your plans. From Dilemmax to the Dilemma guide and from policy to Good Governance all in a concise program. Through gaming, trainings and advice to a virtuous work culture, from instruction to evaluation.

Support during an incident

When integrity incidents occur, the continuity and the reputation of your organisation comes under enormous pressure. The neutral gaze of Morals at Work helps you with the judging and implementing of difficult choices that need to be taken in such cases. We do this through:
  • Mapping the problems
  • Realizing the (behavioral) interventions
  • Advising about internal and external communication