All Inclusive

All Inclusive makes employees aware of the many different ways in which discrimination can take place. They discover how they react to situations that deal with exclusion. Sometimes it concerns a physical or mental disability that leads to exclusion, in other cases this occurs on the basis of heritage, religious beliefs, sex, age, or class. All Inclusive allows you to discover how it feels to be excluded.



All Inclusive consists of 36 dilemma cards and 6 protest cards. The first one to deal all the cards is the winner. Look at the card roundabout at the side for several examples.

In short

  • Learn to recognize and discuss discrimination
  • Make choices and deal all your cards
  • 36 dilemma cards and 6 protest cards
  • Suitable for 4 to 6 employees and for more groups simultaneously
  • Duration 90 minutes

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By using real-life situations, Inclusion shows what it means to be discriminated and excluded; at school, on the street, or at the work place. In some situations you will be invited to pretend to live the life of someone with a physical or mental disability. In other situations you will notice how it works when you are excluded on the basis of your age, sex, religious beliefs, class or heritage. Inclusion works on the understanding for equality of others. When you experience the painful results of a disability or being-different, what do you do?    

In short

  • Do you choose the easy way out, or will you start a dialogue?
  • You must avoid the hunter in order to win
  • Custom-made digital dilemma box with 80 dilemmas
  • 8 boards, each board is suitable for max. 6 persons
  • Duration: 2 hours
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Talenter teaches you to identify and voice discrimination and exclusion as a policy issue. Playing this game allows for recognition of problems and how to deal with the bottlenecks. By approaching issues from a policy perspective, it becomes clear what an organisation can do to discuss exclusion and discrimination, but also how sanction it and preventĀ  it from happening again. Talenter helps you to work on a culture with respect for differences.

In short

  • Recognize the gap between policy and behaviour
  • Start a dialogue about your approach
  • Custom-made digital dilemma box with 80 questions
  • suitable for max. 6 persons
  • Duration: 2 hours
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