Know-it-all (Betweter)

The dialogue folder Know-it-all makes ideas about integrity explicit. Together you go from interventions to real plans and you will search for a way to implement those plans. Which discussions do you need to have in order to do this? Which steps need to be taken? In which order will you do that? Participants receive the assignment to think of interventions to improve integrity at work. After the first ideas are discussed briefly, research is done to discover what the necessary desired behaviour is which is in order to put the ideas into practice.


This dialogue folder was developed in order to facilitate behavioural change with regards to the theme integrity, and it stimulates thinking about interventions that can lead to an excellent reputation .On a dialogue folder, usually an A-1 print, the conversation route is indicated; this includes the time available for each component. The players will be put to work immediately after a short introduction. A dialogue folder finishes with voicing the commitment to the implementation of the chosen solution.


In short

  • learn how to reward desired behaviour
  • together, think of ten ideas to get an excellent reputation
  • go through the conversation route and test your ideas
  • reach practical insights and solutions
  • suitable for teams of 6-8 persons
  • duration: 3 hours

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Mores uses dilemmas to encourage a meaningful conversation about unwanted behavior at schools and universities; for awareness and a perspective on change. You can use this online game in combination with video calling or at an adequate distance from each other. Mores can be played in groups of 4 to 7 people and takes about 90 minutes.
  • Let experience speak
  • Tell what you would do
  • Play with or without game rules
  • 35 dilemma cards
  • Suitable for 4-7 players and multiple groups simultaneously
  • Duration 90 minutes
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Justum, dilemma’s in dialogue

Justum is an online game that uses dilemmas to allow for dialogue about the integrity culture at work. It can be played in groups of 3 to 8 people keeping adequate distance from each other or using video calls. Players will be sent an invitation email from the game supervisor containing a link to the game. Once the players have all logged in and have all gone through the rules of the game, the game supervisor will start the game. After a player has read a dilemma out loud and there has been a short discussion about their answer, the rest of the players will rate this answer on a scale from 1 to 10. If the average rating is higher than 6, the corresponding card number is activated on the game board. In case a row of five numbers is finished by this, the rating is doubled.
  • Speak your mind on the way you handle a dilemma
  • Fellow players rate your answer
  • The player with the most points wins
  • 25 dilemma cards and 5 surprise cards
  • Suitable for 3-8 players and multiple groups simultaneously
  • Duration 90 minutes
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Dilemmax makes you aware of the many ways in which integrity affects your work. It allows for dilemma’s to be discussed and it raises awareness for the points of views of colleagues. The statements on the cards makes the participants aware of the many different ways in which integrity of a colleague, a manager, a supplier or of the organisation can become a topic for discussion. This insight creates an atmosphere of trust which results in better collaboration. The game can be used as a teambuilding element. It stimulates collaboration and improves the atmosphere at work. .

In short

  • Learn to recognize and discuss dilemmas
  • Make the right choices and deal all your cards
  • 36 dilemma cards and 6 protest cards
  • Suitable for 4 to 6 employees and for more groups simultaneously
  • Duration 90 minutes
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Reflect confronts you with your own interpretations about what you think is the correct way. The game teaches you to look at the effects of your point of view, and to discuss behaviour. The combination of practical dilemma’s and dialogue brings to life the ideal of a professional compliance to rules and regulations. Be explicit, treat similar cases in a similar manner, use rules consistently and show respect. In order to win, participants need to choose, start a dialogue and work together.

In short

  • Do you choose the easy way out or will you start a dialogue?
  • In order to win, you must collaborate
  • Custom-made digital dilemma box with 80 dilemmas
  • Each board is suitable for max. 6 persons, max. 8 boards
  • Duration: 2 hours
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